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Florida Doctor Finds a Better Method to Treat Dementia

In February 2022, Dr. Federico Canavosio of Integrative Medical Care (IMC) in Vero Beach, FL started applying a new approach to memory care for patients aged 60 and older. IMC began working with medical AI company uMETHOD Health to deploy RestoreU, an evidence-based care program for patients at risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), dementia, or other cognitive issues. “Cognitive impairment and related dementias are difficult to treat because they…READ MORE

Leading Alzheimer’s disease expert, Dr. Marwan Sabbagh describes how RestoreU optimizes brain health in Sonora Quest Webinar Series.

Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, an Alzheimer’s disease expert and geriatric neurologist at the Barrow Institute in Phoenix, AZ joined Rob Sherman, product manager at Sonora Quest to discuss how the health care community can help combat the rapid rise of Alzheimer's disease in Arizona using progressive and innovative solutions like RestoreU, offered by uMETHOD Health and Sonora Quest Laboratories. The conversation highlights Dr. Sabbagh's use of RestoreU to improve diagnostic confidence…READ MORE

RestoreU serves as the basis for Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine’s Memory Clinic

Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine’s co-founder, Dr. Ashish Sachdeva recently joined Bob Roth on Health Futures Radio in Phoenix, AZ to discuss COVID-19’s spillover effect on non-COVID patients. “Delayed care, forgone care, missed care. This is going to accumulate over time. The long-term effects from neglecting known and unknown disease diagnosis is going to be immense.” Says Dr. Sachdeva. In the interview, Dr. Sachdeva stresses his concern about the physical and…READ MORE

Enhancing Medication Management Through the Use of Clinical Decision Support Software Platforms

Polypharmacy is a growing problem in the United States. The use of multiple medications increases the likelihood that a patient will experience potential drug interactions and adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Those individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are at greater risk, due to age, comorbidities, and an increased likelihood of being on a greater number of neuroactive medications. ... The results of this work show that older populations have…READ MORE