Precision medicine for chronic diseases.

75% of adults over 65 have more than one chronic disease and consume 86% of healthcare spend (CDC). Our technology combines big data, medical research, and advanced algorithms to enable personalized care. The result? Better outcomes.

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No two patients are identical. Their care plans shouldn’t be either.

Chronic diseases have multiple underlying causes. Each patient presents a different set of contributors, which calls for a unique combination of interventions.

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Our brains are all unique. So why shouldn’t your memory loss therapy be?

The RestoreU METHOD helps physicians analyze patient medical information and create evidence-based personalized care plans.

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Our mission is to provide hope to those who may have lost faith in finding solutions for complex, chronic diseases.


32% of adults 65+ have cognitive decline.

Early identification and personalized treatment paths from RestoreU METHOD can help lead to better outcomes.

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Precision medicine provides a new path for treating chronic diseases.

3 out of 4 patients improved or held steady on memory scores according to recent RestoreU METHOD clinical results.

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More than 300 million patients suffer from depression worldwide.

Learn what’s in development at uMETHOD, which will provide help to those suffering from depression.

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Contact us to learn more about our AI-based precision medicine approach.

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