Alzheimer’s Disease: Separating Fact from Fiction

Alzheimer’s Disease: Separating Fact from Fiction

Michael K. Racke, MD, medical director of neurology at Quest Diagnostics, delved into some commonly-believed myths about Alzheimer disease and provided his insight on the scientific explanations for these assumptions.

Common myths:
#1: Only older patients need to worry about AD.

#2: AD is primarily an inherited genetic disease.

#3: Most patients don’t want to know if they are at risk of developing AD.

#4: Only high-powered imaging tests can help evaluate for AD.

#5: Only pharmacological therapies can meaningfully address AD.

#6: Cognitive decline is irreversible and because of dementia.

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When it comes to conditions like Alzheimer and dementia, one thing remains clear: patients and providers both seek the ability to provide an early diagnosis and craft the best care plan possible.


Michael K. Racke, MD,