Complexity is the culprit in Alzheimer’s disease. There are dozens of biological mechanisms with hundreds of interventions. The necessary therapeutics vary by person and change over time.

The RestoreU METHOD is designed to address the active underlying pathways for Alzheimer’s disease including metabolic issues, toxicity, inflammation, and mitochondrial damage.

The therapeutics recommended by the RestoreU METHOD offer a way to bring these mechanisms into a state of enhancing a participant’s cognitive health—and maintaining that control over time.

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The RestoreU METHOD

Due to the complexity of the personalization process, the RestoreU METHOD is enabled via decision support software. Our algorithms are able to process a wide range of data on an individual’s health status and recommend specific interventions matched specifically to them. It simplifies personalized medicine to transform patient outcomes.

Based on the recognized causes of cognitive decline, the RestoreU METHOD collects individual patient biometric and behavioral data, including:

  • Genome
  • Bio-specimen data
  • Medical history
  • Demographics
  • Medications
  • Patient lifestyle
  • Cognitive ability

The RestoreU METHOD care plan is provided to the physician so that they can review the results with their patient. The physician prescribes the care plan as appropriate. Patients are periodically retested and the care plan is updated over time.

Having a personalized care plan isn’t enough if its recommendations aren’t followed. A key component of the RestoreU METHOD is personalized coaching. Through this program, a qualified uMETHOD health coach is assigned to support each patient and encourage adherence to the recommended care plan.

It is increasingly being recognized that the mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease comprise a complex system that a monotherapy cannot sufficiently treat.
— Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, Cleveland Clinic

How It Works

Cost-Effective Clinical Precision Medicine

Patient Data

  • Genome Lab Tests
  • Medical History
  • Symptoms
  • Lifestyle
  • Metabolomics
  • Gut Biome
  • Medication

Precision Medicine Engine from uMETHOD

  • Process patient data
  • Apply medical knowledge
  • Recommend treatment

Evidenced-Based Care Plans

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Lifestyle Changes

Getting Started

We’re working with some of the finest physicians and integrative medicine practices in the country, and we would love to add you to our list of providers. There is no cost to you, and no special equipment is needed to get started.

Simple process. Support when you need it.


A. Administer cognitive test
B. Score cognitive test


Patients whose score indicates mild cognitive impairment or mild Alzheimer’s disease
A. Give patients the RestoreU METHOD patient materials
B. Order blood work
C. Enroll patient on


A. Review care plan
B. Deliver and explain care plan to patient


We value your privacy. Your personal information is kept confidential and not sold to third parties. It is only used for communications you request related to the services provided by uMETHOD.